Jordyn Kalman, University of Florida.

By Jordyn Kalman

Every summer, the Osprey Observer welcomes interns from high schools and colleges into its office to learn the ins and outs of the newspaper industry and gain real-world experience as a reporter. This summer, the Osprey Observer had the pleasure of having five interns, Jordyn Kalman, Sean Crumpacker, Hailey Le Roy, Jasmine Haroun and Nur Suleiman, in their newsroom.

Jordyn Kalman

University of Florida

Kalman is a sophomore at the University of Florida currently majoring in journalism. She chose this field of study after working on her high school newspaper for two years and then writing for The Alligator, one of the country’s largest student-run newspapers, in college. She loves journalism because it allows her to channel her passion for writing into something positive for the community.

Her favorite part about working at the Osprey Observer this summer was collaborating with such a wonderful team and getting the chance to be more involved in the community she grew up in. During her time on staff, she continued to improve her writing and interviewing skills.

Kalman would like to say to the staff, “Thank you for making this whole experience so enjoyable. Shout out to Michelle for being awesome and always being there to give me advice and offer to help.”

Sean Crumpacker, Newsome High School.

Sean Crumpacker

Newsome High School

Crumpacker will be entering his senior year at Newsome High School. He is not sure what college he would like to attend in the future, but he is considering UCF or Old Dominion. Crumpacker said he will most likely major in programming because he makes video games and codes as a hobby but is also considering journalism as a possibility.

Crumpacker wanted to intern at the Osprey Observer because he loved the writing and journalism classes he has taken in school, so this was a great way to continue working on his skills over the summer.

During his time at the Osprey Observer, Crumpacker has learned about the news writing process, how to conduct interviews and has further improved his communication skills. He also recently moved to FishHawk, so writing for the paper has been a great way to learn about and get involved in the community.

Crumpacker wanted to say to the staff, “Thanks to everyone at the office for being so helpful, friendly and responsive. This internship was a great opportunity, both for my own hobby and job experience, and I’m really grateful that I got to get involved with the Osprey Observer.”

Hailey Le Roy, Newsome High School.

Hailey Le Roy

Newsome High School

Le Roy will be a sophomore this upcoming school year at Newsome High School. She is unsure of what college she would like to attend but is interested in journalism and environmental studies. After her journalism teacher told her about this opportunity, Le Roy wanted to intern at the Osprey Observer because writing has been her passion since she was little.

She loves the Osprey Observer because of its focus on the local community and how it brings everyone together. In her time here, she has learned not just about the writing process, but also about the marketing and business side of the newspaper industry. She said she now knows there are a ton of factors that people do not think about when a newspaper is delivered to their door.

Le Roy’s favorite part about working for the paper has been interviewing people and hearing first-hand the stories of people in the community.

She would like to say to the staff, “Thank you to the entire staff for being so nice and helpful!”

Jasmine Haroun, Newsome High School.

Jasmine Haroun

Newsome High School

Haroun is a rising sophomore at Newsome High School and hopes to one day go to her dream school, University of Florida, to study biological sciences. She wanted to intern at the Osprey Observer because she has always valued the newspaper since it shows us the good going on around us, and people need to see the positives once in a while. Also, this gave Haroun the opportunity to enhance her writing skills.

During her time, Haroun has been able to further develop her writing abilities and has been introduced to whole new areas of the community she had not seen before. Her favorite part of working here has been collaborating with her colleagues and she admires how everyone is available to lend a helping hand whenever needed.

Jasmine would like to say, “Thank you so much to the Osprey Observer team for giving me this opportunity to see such a wonderful group of people impact and inspire the community.”

Nur Suleiman, Florida A & M University.

Nur Suleiman

Florida A & M University

Suleiman is a rising second year student studying journalism at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. She chose Florida A&M because she wanted a change of pace and felt the university chose her.

She wanted to intern at the Osprey Observer to advance her writing skills while she was home for the summer at a publication she loved to read in high school. After spending a couple months working here, Suleiman has learned a lot about the ins and out of newspaper writing.

Although she was a member of the Newsome yearbook staff, she had never considered news before, so this opportunity has allowed her to explore this field. Her favorite part about working here is being able to watch a topic transform into a story and to see her work published.

Suleiman would like to say, “I would just like to thank the staff for this opportunity and tell them that they truly are amazing people.”

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