There is nothing more incapacitating than holding on to anger and resentment. Anger, more than any other emotion, can consume all aspects of our lives, distort our thoughts and destroy our relationship with God. As we enter the Autumn season and anticipating all the upcoming family gatherings, there is no better time to prepare yourself with the gift of forgiveness.

Maybe you need to forgive someone for a betrayal that happened during the year. Perhaps you need to ask a friend or family member for forgiveness for a misunderstanding that was never resolved. Maybe you need to forgive yourself for resentment that you have held onto for too long. Whatever it is, reflect on the gift of forgiveness and the peace that forgiveness brings.

Forgiveness: Finding Peace Through Letting Go
By: Adam Hamilton

This top-selling book reveals the revelation that forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves rather than to someone else. Readers will learn that only when we learn to forgive others and ourselves can we truly receive forgiveness from God and reminds us about the importance of reconnecting the broken pieces of our lives.

How to Forgive Ourselves—Totally
By: R.T. Kendall

God can use anyone again, on one condition—that he or she deeply repents. When there is a broken and contrite heart after a fall, there is hope. In this book, we find the promise of hope and the steps to repentance and reconciliation for all.

The Gift of Forgiveness
By: Charles F. Stanley

How can Christians make real forgiveness an ongoing, practical part of everyday life, not just a popular spiritual catchword? Exploring how divine mercy is revealed in God’s forgiving heart, this insightful, biblical guide will help you surrender hurt and bitterness toward others and yourself through confession and honesty and begin true spiritual healing.

Forgiving What You’ll Never Forget
By: Dr. David Stoop

Those with wounded hearts, painful memories and broken relationships can find healing and hope from the pain and bitterness of unforgiveness. This faith-based book clears up common misconceptions about forgiveness. It compassionately guides you along the course of heartfelt forgiveness, freeing you to apply the biblical teachings that have already changed thousands of lives.

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Kelly Wise Valdes
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