Scott Jordan is a technology teacher at Barrington Middle School in Lithia. He carved out time to write two young adult books in the early mornings before school and on the weekends.

Writers can be inspired to write by numerous things, but when they are inspired by a loved one, the words they put down on paper have so much more meaning to them. Scott Jordan is a technology teacher at Barrington Middle School in Lithia. He is also a local author who was inspired to write by his mother and his wife.

“I’ve always been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy books, and the characters in my books came to me a long time ago,” Jordan said. “My mother and wife encouraged me to pick up and complete this story I began in the early 2000s.”

Jordan is the author of two young adult books titled The Four Doors of Mt. Katart: Another Boone Boys Adventure and The Curse of the Black Opals: Boone Boys Adventures.

“Both books follow the adventures of the teenage Boone brothers, Josh and Eddie,” Jordan said. “They decide to look into the disappearance of a young boy in the mines near their home in Missouri and get swept into a Below World full of monsters and creatures. In book one, they have to struggle and fight through this scary world, and in book two, they go back in to rescue someone left behind. Sometimes the trouble that Josh and Eddie get into is a surprise to me when I write, and hopefully that feeling of suspense translates to the reader.”

Jordan has been told his books are like The Hardy Boys and Journey to the Center of the Earth combined.

“Reading teachers in Maine and Florida have told me that these books are especially interesting for boys who are reluctant readers,” Jordan said. “They’ve told me there’s just enough adventure, fighting and gore to keep boys interested, and enough strong female character action to [keep] girls interested as well.”

If you ask Jordan what he likes the most about writing, he’ll tell you that he never realized how much work is involved in writing a 350-page book.

“The editing and rewriting to make the story flow seems never-ending at times, but the reward of hearing positive feedback makes the hard work worth it,” Jordan said. “I’m currently taking a break writing book three of the Boone Brothers series, and I’m working on a murder mystery detective novel set in the 90s in Portland, Maine. That book should be published by the end of the year.”

If you would like to read either one of Jordan’s books, they are available on Amazon or you can email Jordan at

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