Anne Mullett is the owner of Visas and Vistas Travel, a full-service travel agency specializing in international family travel planning.

Wanderlust is defined as, “A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel the world.” Anne Mullett took her wanderlust and turned it into her profession. Mullett is the owner of Visas and Vistas Travel.

“In 2016, I left my job as an accountant and brought my meticulous nature to planning and achieved my own travel dreams,” Mullett said. “Seventy-five thousand miles by plane, train, car, boat and foot across six continents, 30-plus countries and countless cities. Road tripping in New Zealand, walking the Great Wall of China, exploring ruins in Cambodia, photographing an African safari, cruising the Mediterranean and strolling the streets of Prague; I haven’t done it all, but it is on the list.”

When Mullett returned from a yearlong trip, she immediately rejoined the corporate world, but within just a few months she knew that accounting was not her passion, but a job.

“I knew then where my passion was, and I needed to be in the travel industry,” Mullett said. “Opening my own travel agency was the perfect fit.”

Visas and Vistas Travel is a full-service travel agency specializing in international family travel planning. It offers advice on destinations, plan trip itineraries and make travel arrangements for clients and groups. It works with hundreds of resorts, cruise lines and tour companies to help build your perfect vacation. It will take the burden of planning a vacation off your shoulders.

“We specialize in international travel, family adventures, ocean cruises, river cruises, luxury travel and exotic destinations,” Mullett said. “Putting together an itinerary, particularly one involving a complicated trip, like a safari, or booking a group trip, is a lot of work. Some agencies charge a $100-$300 plus in planning and booking fees. At Visas and Vistas Travel, we never charge a planning or booking fee and quotes are always free. We also try to go the extra mile, this means confirming all the components of your trip with the vendors, providing helpful travel tips and requesting upgrades or extra amenities for your stay.”

Mullett’s favorite part of her job is getting to know her clients.

“In order for me to provide the best product and service, I have to spend one on one time with you on the phone or in person,” Mullett said. “By the end of our time together, I have a new friend. One that I get to help create experiences and memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.”

For more information, visit or call Mullett at 321-245-5442.

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