During the course of His ministry, Jesus performed more than 40 miracles, including healing the sick, changing the natural elements of nature and even raising people from the dead. A miracle is considered an event that occurs outside the bounds of natural law.

Each month we will take a closer look at one of His miracles. Understanding the miracles of Jesus can change your life and it all begins with believing through faith.

In Luke, chapter 22, we learn about the impending arrest of Jesus. His disciples were upset at the sight of Roman soldiers ready to take Jesus away. During the chaos of the moment, the disciple Peter cut off the ear of Malchus, a young slave of the Jewish high priest. Malchus had been sent several times to be the spy for the high priest by the name of Caiaphas.

In verses 47-50, we learn of the betrayal by Judas with a kiss. “When Jesus’ followers saw what was going to happen, they said, ‘Lord, should we strike with our swords?’ And one of them struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his right ear.”

Peter, who cut off Malchus’ ear, had a history of impulsive behavior. He loved Jesus deeply, but he sometimes let his strong emotions interfere with his judgment.

Jesus reprimanded the violence, immediately dropped to his knees and miraculously healed the servant’s ear. In verses 51-53, we are told, “But Jesus answered, ‘No more of this!’ And he touched the man’s ear and healed him.”

This healing was the last miracle that Jesus performed before his crucifixion. In this hostile situation, Jesus could have chosen to perform a miracle for his own benefit, to avoid his arrest and ultimately his death, but he chose instead to perform a miracle to help someone else.

Malchus’ experience shows us that Jesus’ love was omnipresent. He was betrayed and unfairly arrested at that very moment, yet all that He had for this high priest’s servant was love.

The Bible doesn’t mention Malchus after this, but one can imagine that his life and heart was changed after his personal encounter with the very gracious and forgiving God.

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Kelly Wise Valdes
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