Bill Yanger is running for county court judge in Group 7 on Tuesday, August 18. Yanger brings both professional and life experience to the bench and as such believes he will serve as a compassionate and empathetic judge.

The call to serve the community comes to people in different ways. When a lawyer decides to run for judge, it might have been a lifelong dream or because of a personal experience.

Bill Yanger, who is a candidate for county court judge in Group 7, decided to run for judge after the tragic loss of his 22-year-old daughter, Rose.

“We lost Rose on August 24, 2016 to a violent homicide in Broward County, a case that remains open and uncharged to this day. I tell this story not for sympathy but for context. Rose’s loss was a clarifying moment, a desperate and heartbreaking moment that focused my attention on what I wanted and needed to do with my life,” explained Yanger.

Yanger has practiced law for over 30 years.

“I have been practicing for 34 years all over the state. I have fought in criminal, family and state federal civil court trenches for teachers and professors, single mothers and desperate fathers, injured and broken workers, world boxing champions, teenage rockers and small business owners,” said Yanger.

“I am prepared to wear the robe in whatever capacity I am asked to serve by the Chief Judge,” added Yanger.

Since 2001, Yanger has managed a successful law practice. His extensive experience has taught him a lot.

“I have learned something from every court appearance I have had in the last 34 years,” said Yanger.

Yanger was born and raised in Tampa to parents who were also born here. He raised his three children in Tampa. He is a member of several area Chambers of Commerce, including the Greater Brandon Chamber of Commerce.

“As a member, board member and chair of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce, I have been active in many collaborations with area chambers, including the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce, particularly between our respective military affairs committees,” said Yanger.

“We want our judges to be capable of the mechanics of the job. Voters deserve a say in selecting a judge with empathy forged from life’s joys as well as its heartaches. Voters deserve the person in the black robe to have lived an expansive life. I have lived one,” said Yanger.

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