Ashley Ivanov seeks to serve as a circuit court judge in Hillsborough County.

Integrity. Impartiality. Service. These are more than words to nonpartisan judicial candidate Ashley Willis Ivanov. To her, they hold value when they are lived out.

Professionally and personally, Ivanov lives out these ideals.

As an attorney, she has handled a diverse range of cases, including litigated and non-litigated matters, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. She presently focuses her practice on probate and estate planning.

“Integrity in the practice of law is important for the rule of law to be effectively carried out,” she commented.

Ivanov zealously advocates for her clients, giving them straightforward feedback. Sometimes this may mean informing a prospective client that he or she does not have much of a case or that the legal fees in the matter could be higher than what the client may have initially anticipated.

“Transparency is part of being ethical,” said Ivanov.

Her clients’ public testimonies attest to her professionalism.

“My clients’ matters are more than pieces of paper filed in court with case numbers,” she said. “These are real people with real stories that matter.”

In her personal life, Ivanov stays busy volunteering with her church and taking her daughter to Girl Scout events.

“I try to lead by example and integrity is at the center of this,” said Ivanov.

Impartiality is a cornerstone of a judge’s responsibilities in administering justice.

“It is not the judge’s role to legislate from the bench but to apply the law as it is, as created by the legislature,” commented Ivanov.

Service is a regular part of her life, and she would not have it any other way. She enjoys reading to children in the Head Start program with her fellow Rotarians. She also gives back to the community by assisting Gold Star families and first responders with estate planning.

Ivanov is committed to upholding equal protection of the laws for all people, impartially applying the law as written by the legislature and standing behind the United States Constitution and Florida Constitution.

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