Gary Dolgin helped save his client Tara’s daughters after they were abducted and taken out of the state by Tara’s suicidal husband.

Gary Dolgin, a board-certified marital and family law attorney, will use his over 30 years of experience to serve the residents of Hillsborough County as a circuit court judge. Dolgin is running for circuit court judge in Group 31 and would like your vote on Tuesday, August 18.

Dolgin has represented many citizens over the years. One client, Tara, found herself in a distressful situation when her suicidal husband abducted their two daughters and took them out of the state.

Tara said, “Gary Dolgin was the only lawyer who took my call and understood the urgency of my situation. He assured me that his top priority was getting my daughters back.” Tara added, “Without him, our story could have had a different ending. Our story is just one of many where he has protected children and families.”

Dolgin said, “The most rewarding aspect of my practice has been reuniting wrongfully abducted children and representing domestic violence victims. Lawyers and judges can sometimes save lives. The judge in Tara’s case knew to give her case top priority. I am going to do the same as a judge for the people of Hillsborough County.”

Dolgin has run a successful private practice in Tampa since 1993. Dolgin has experience not only in marital and family law, as he has served as an assistant state attorney in Manatee County and as an assistant public defender in Hillsborough County. Dolgin has handled juvenile delinquency and dependency cases as well as a myriad of issues that a circuit court judge will be required to rule upon.

“I have dedicated my professional career to helping families and children. I look forward to putting my many years of experience to work for the people of Hillsborough County,” said Dolgin.

Dolgin is one of 28 attorneys in Hillsborough County who are board certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in marital and family law. In Florida, board certification recognizes an attorney’s special knowledge, skill and proficiency in a particular area of law. The minimum standard to become board certified is quite rigorous.

Dolgin has lived almost all of his life in Hillsborough County. He is married to Wendi Towbin-Dolgin, R.N. for almost 30 years. They have 22-year-old twins, Cory and Mallory, and a 16-year-old son, Ari.

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