Daniel Cyral is the owner of Hypnotic Engagements and he is here to help the community with their stress.

In these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Many are looking into hypnosis as a way to relieve their stress. Daniel Cyral is the owner of Hypnotic Engagements and he is here to help the community with their stress.

“Hypnosis is a natural state of body and mind,” Cyral said. “You’ll be guided into full relaxation. In this state, you’ll be able to implement the changes you’ve been looking for. We all go in and out of trance every day. Hypnosis is a great tool for so many things. For those that truly embrace it, it is life-changing.”

Cyral has been practicing hypnosis since 1998. He became formally trained in 2008 after he went to a hypnotist.

“In 2008, I felt stuck in life, so I went to see a professional hypnotist,” Cyral said. “A couple months later, I started my formal training and built my own practice in Michigan. When moving to Florida, I worked with one of the largest hypnosis practices in Orlando, the Orlando Hypnosis Clinic.”

Cyral is currently offering hypnosis sessions for weight loss, dementia and dealing with stress.

“I am doing a free session for those working in the medical and educational fields,” Cyral said. “It isn’t so much about COVID-19, it is more those fields need a break. It is an hour-long Zoom session. We are taking a relaxing trip, usually outside, I let the group decide the day-of and at the end, I’ll be teaching some self-hypnosis/guided meditation practices.”

There is a lot of important work to do when it comes to hypnosis and dementia. Cyral has additional training and is the only Nightingale Dementia Associate on the East Coast of the U.S.

“I am currently working with dementia residents, caregivers and a support group at Tessera of Brandon,” Cyral said. “Tessera is leading the industry in more ways than hypnosis.”

The weight loss session is going to be a live, interactive weight loss group.

“For a monthly subscription, they’ll get a live, virtual session,” Cyral said. “They will also get a copy of the live recording. I will be adding ongoing support. I envision most people being part of this program for three months. The biggest difference is that this will be a living, breathing thing, opposed to an individual package.”

To learn more about the various sessions Hypnotic Engagements offers, you can visit Cyral’s website at www.hypnoticengagements.com or contact Cyral at 248-941-4246.

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