Bounce Back USA signage is distributed by Minuteman Press to local participating businesses in Brandon, Riverview and Plant City. The program was started by Minuteman Press Franchise Owners Julie and Mike Arndt.

For local Minuteman Press Franchise Owners and Valrico residents Julie and Mike Arndt, there is nothing more important right now than helping their communities recover and rebuild from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Julie, who runs Minuteman Press in Brandon, and Mike, who runs Minuteman Press in Plant City, have remained open since printing is an essential business.

During this time, they launched Bounce Back Brandon/Riverview and Bounce Back Plant City, two free community websites connecting local area businesses with people who are looking to support local and shop local. Businesses that submit a completely free listing also receive free COVID-19 awareness and prevention posters as well as window decals and signs that Julie and Mike are providing.

Julie said, “What Bounce Back means to our communities in Brandon, Riverview and Plant City can be described in one word: Solidarity. All of the participating businesses who have joined the Bounce Back movement see the value in us working together to support each other and best serve our customers with these special offers.”

She continued, “We have over 125 local businesses who we are collaborating with through the Bounce Back Brandon/Riverview and Bounce Back Plant City websites. At first, we used this as a COVID-19 resource to simply let people know that our businesses were open. And when people realized this, it allowed them to take advantage of these special offers while stimulating the local economy.”

One of the ways Julie and Mike have been promoting collaboration and solidarity is by distributing free COVID-19 awareness posters to all participating businesses and also providing them with window signage and yard signs.

“There is so much value in working together with our fellow business owners, and when people see our Bounce Back signage and posters, it is a great reminder that we are all in this together.”

They also engaged three local Chambers of Commerce in Brandon, Riverview and Plant City.

“We’ve received such a positive response and working collaboratively with the Chambers of Commerce has also helped raise awareness and support of the Bounce Back program,” Julie said.

Both Minuteman Press centers in Brandon and Plant City have remained open throughout COVID-19 since printing was designated as an essential business.

“When the shutdowns and quarantines first hit, we made it a point to let people know we were still here and still open. Once the other essential businesses found out we were open, we were able to help them with all of their printing needs (such as custom printed forms and pads) and keep their production and operations going. It was great for them to see the value of us as a local printing and business services provider, and we gained several new customers as a result.”

As more businesses in Florida continue to reopen and rebuild, Julie and Mike are here to help.

“Some of the products and services we offer that are in high demand right now are mailings. We are able to connect clients who can’t reach their customers personally by introducing them to cost-effective Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), and we can handle everything from design and printing to the mailings themselves.”

She added, “We also have social distancing products such as posters, window signage, and floor decals available and are ready to help all businesses reopen their doors safely.”

Julie concluded, “One lesson I think we’ve all learned is that when we work together and support each other, good things happen. That, and goodwill goes a long way.”

For more information on Minuteman Press in Brandon, visit Submit a free business listing at Bounce Back Brandon/Riverview ( and receive a free COVID-19 awareness and prevention poster.

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