Tampa native Michael Scionti is currently running for re-election in Group 19.

Michael Scionti is honored to serve as one of your circuit court judges in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit.

A Tampa native and lifelong resident of Hillsborough County, he has served the community and country for 25 years, upholding the rule of law in and out of the courtroom, on and off the battlefield and throughout all branches of government.

“I currently preside over both Veterans Treatment Court and Juvenile Delinquency Court—two of Hillsborough County’s problem-solving courts for struggling veterans and at risk youth,” said Scionti.

A lieutenant colonel in the United States Army Reserve, he also serves as a commander in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

“Over the course of my 20 years in the military, I have served multiple tours of duty in both Iraq and Afghanistan and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal,” he said. “As a military magistrate, I presided over hundreds of military-commissioned war tribunals and as a judge advocate I helped advance the rule of law and uphold human rights in countries abroad.”

Scionti has held various positions of public trust as a lawyer, soldier and judge and has a proven record in maintaining the fair and impartial administration of justice.

“I have always performed my duties and responsibilities with the highest level of integrity, demonstrated a strong understanding of the law and applied a fair-minded, common sense approach to my decision-making,” he said. “I believe the depth and breadth of my legal and judicial experience has given me the necessary balance, perspective and problem-solving skills to make me an effective judge.”

He is currently running for re-election in Group 19.

“As a judge, I serve as an instrument of justice and ensure that everyone is treated equally under the law,” he said. “With your support, I promise to continue serving our community with integrity, compassion and fairness.”

He asks you to please vote for Michael Scionti for Circuit Court Judge, Group 19 on Tuesday, August 18 or before.

Visit www.JudgeScionti.com for more information.

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