Kittie Corral, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Wimauma, is dedicated to rescuing and saving the lives of sick, injured and stray cats.

By Gwen Rollings

Angelite Bragg is seldom recognized as a hero for her daily efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. She doesn’t work in a hospital, but she unselfishly cares for those in critical situations, many of whom would be homeless and probably not even survive without her help. The unique difference in Bragg’s ‘patients’ is they all walk on four legs.

Bragg is the founder and president of Kittie Corral, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Wimauma dedicated to rescuing and saving the lives of sick, injured, and stray cats who have been abused, left homeless or neglected. Kittie Corral will also spay or neuter, vaccinate, provide necessary medical treatment and find loving, adoptive, safe homes for these stray and neglected cats.

Unfortunately, Kittie Corral has been critically and negatively impacted through decreased donations during the past months.

Bragg explained, “COVID affected everyone financially. There were eight adoptions and fundraising events completely cancelled from February through May. These events provide funds just to cover basic needs such as food, treats and litter. Medical costs have also skyrocketed.”

According to Bragg, no veterinarians, animal hospitals, retails stores or distributors offer donations, and she fears the rescue will no longer to be able to take in more animals, which no rescue ever wants. Rescues are filled to capacity with animals being surrendered by owners no longer able to incur the expense of feeding and caring for their own pets.

Valerie Beckett, owner of Pooch Smooch Pet Services and a Kittie Corral supporter, said, “Private shelters rely heavily on donations, and right now the donations have slowed to a trickle.” Beckett has observed that the people running the shelters are often depriving themselves financially so they can care for and feed the animals.

The community can help by making donations through the Facebook page @kittiecorral, or

The website,, provides many links to items that can be purchased through Amazon, and choosing Kittie Corral on AmazonSmile to support, as a nonprofit costs the buyer nothing extra. Bragg said Kittie Corral will even pick up donations within a reasonable distance by calling 634-5873 or 731-6303.

Bragg kept the doors of Kittie Corral open during these challenging months at great personal and financial sacrifice in order to care for those who could not care for themselves. That is the true definition of a hero!

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