Kim Jowell, Ray Hodorski, Mike McCollum, Paul Casebolt, Alvaro Hernandez and Aaron Dwyer began the distribution of the 229,000 masks donated by Humana.

School will look very different this year due to COVID-19 concerns. Whenever students return to the classroom in Hillsborough County, they’ll be required to wear masks—and Humana and Hillsborough Education Foundation want to ensure that everybody in the district who needs a mask has one.

Humana is donating 229,000 masks in partnership with JPR Medical to Hillsborough Education Foundation (HEF). HEF is working with Hillsborough County Public Schools to distribute the masks to all schools.

“The health and safety of the Tampa Bay community is a top priority for Humana,” said Ray Hodorski, Humana’s client management director. “Our goal through providing face masks to all students and employees within the school district is to give teachers, staff, parents and students additional peace of mind as we continue to navigate the spread of COVID-19.”

In addition to the masks, Hillsborough Education Foundation is also donating and delivering school supplies to the district’s 156 Title I schools, including Tampa Heights.

“We know more than 150,000 students in the district qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. It’s tough for those struggling families to afford even the basic school supplies,” said Hillsborough Education Foundation CEO Kim Jowell. “By providing supplies, and Humana’s generous donation of masks, we’re helping to ensure students have the tools they need for a safe and successful school year.”

Hillsborough County Public Schools Superintendent Addison Davis said the district is grateful for this generous donation and the consistent support from its community partners.

“Face coverings are an integral part of our district’s safety protocols as teachers, staff and learners return to the classroom. These meaningful partnerships demonstrate to our learners the incredible support they have both inside and outside the classroom,” said Davis.

Established in 1987, the HEF is a nonprofit focused on strengthening public education by supporting teachers and empowering students to achieve academic and personal success. HEF’s resources and financial support enrich K-12 educational experiences by providing opportunities for all students, regardless of background or economic status.

Together with its community partners, HEF strategically invests in initiatives that impact teaching quality and increase graduation rates, bolstering a thriving workforce of tomorrow and the sustainable prosperity of Tampa Bay.

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