The Datz Restaurant Group is bringing its newest concept restaurant, Donovan’s Modern American Meatery, to Winthrop Town Centre. Donovan’s will be the perfect spot for a great meal set in a comfortable and convivial setting.

The newest addition to the lineup of great food and retail establishments in the Winthrop Town Centre is Donovan’s Modern American Meatery (Donovan’s). Donovan’s is located just off of Bloomingdale in the heart of the Winthrop Town Centre at 11206 Sullivan St. in Riverview.

Donovan’s is run by the Datz Restaurant Group, co-owned by Suzanne and Roger Perry.

According to Suzanne, Donovan’s is “comfortable, cosmopolitan and understated without a flashy, over-the-top feeling. We used repurposed items. There is polished concrete, repurposed wood, upcycled furniture, antique sliding doors and gas lanterns which give it a warm, homey and convivial ambiance.”

Suzanne added, “The interior had been so beautifully finished in the past, we really did not make a lot of changes. We changed some warm red colors to mirror the flames from the grills and we have some different furniture, but the general feeling is still sophisticated rustic.”

Suzanne said, “We specifically designed Donovan’s to be the go-to dinner spot and not a place to be saved for only once a year.”

The menu at Donovan’s is true steakhouse. You can find several variations of Certified Angus Beef, American Wagyu, Brasstown grass-fed steaks, duck, house-cured bacon steaks and wild game.

Perry said, “Entrees will be paired with potatoes cooked every way imaginable, from mashed to fried to au gratin. Not to be outdone, vegetables will also have a starring role with wood-fired asparagus, artichokes, Brussels sprouts. Onion rings will be a must have. Seafood such as oysters, crab and more will be prevalent, as will the lobster or truffle mac and cheese.”

Executive Chef Lee Jasper is at the helm of the grill. He has decades of experience cooking with smoke and fire.

Looking for a well-crafted cocktail? You are in luck. The renowned mixologist, Dean Hurst, has been brought on to curate a simple, elegant cocktail and wine list with classics like sidecars and Aperol Spritzers. Boutique wines and a well-thought-out beer list, along with a concise spirit list, round out the options. Hurst has worked with Bern’s and many other top beverage programs prior to joining the team at Donovan’s.

The inspiration for Donovan’s is simple.

Suzanne explained, “Many years prior to opening our first restaurant, we had kicked around the idea of a steakhouse named after Roger’s father, Russel ‘Donovan’ Perry. Roger grew up on a modest family farm, having fresh beef and vegetables with almost every meal. Donovan’s reflects the family farm ethos.”

Donovan’s will open in mid to late-October for happy hour, beginning at 4 p.m. with dinner until 9 p.m. It will be open until 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Lunch and then brunch will be added later.

The Datz Restaurant Group opened Datz earlier this year in the Winthrop Town Centre. Suzanne said, “We have always liked the area. We love the people we have met and we love the Winthrop Town Centre.”

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