The girls of Troop 33304 recently placed their first Free Little Pantry box at a local church. The completed box, designed by the girls, is fully stocked.

By Dominique Asher

Earlier in June, a local Girl Scout troop, Troop 33304, began to work on their Bronze Award, a girl-led Take Action project that addresses a problem in their community. The girls researched and were inspired to create their own ‘Free Little Pantry’ and placed two around the community.

Troop 33304 looked to the local community for help with placing the boxes in a safe, easily accessible and central location. They also gathered materials, like used newspaper boxes, that could hold up against different weather conditions.

A local church, Grace United Methodist Church, located at 5708 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Lithia, reached out to the troop and offered for them to place one of the Free Little Pantries on its site. The box is right by the driveway of the church parking lot, which makes it easy for community members to swing by and drop off items.

Troop 33304 said, “The pantry box is ready and available for the community to take what they need and give what they can.”

Items like nonperishables and toiletries should be the only items donated since the box is outside. Easy open cans, small drinks, pastas, canned meats, soups, paper goods and hygiene products are great options to bring to the box.

The girls of Troop 33304 encourage the community to get out there and help, as every little bit is worthwhile. Spread the word that the box exists in the community and where it is so others can participate in giving and maintaining the box.

If you are donating, make sure that the item is not expired or spoiled, and if you are dropping off an item and happen to see an expired or spoiled item, please throw it in the nearest garbage container.

Troop 33304 said, “These boxes work best when the community works together to maintain and sustain them.”

The second Free Little Pantry has yet to be guaranteed a home, so the troop is open to any suggestions or interest in hosting the second box.

For more information or inquiries about hosting a Free Little Pantry, contact Troop 33304 at

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