Youth playing outdoors.

First through fifth grade students enrolled in e-learning can take a break from their studies and join Kids Unplugged at Campo Family YMCA in Valrico.

The new monthly fitness program is instructor-led as it offers an opportunity for those students to participate in a wide variety of activities, such as fitness classes, sports, team building, games and more, which begins in the first week of February and runs through the end of May. COVID-19 safety measures will also be implemented.

Lauren Brun, senior aquatics director at Campo Family YMCA, explained how Kids Unplugged came into fruition.

“We see and hear the need for our e-learning students to have some social interaction with kids their age and also to get them moving in a safe and clean environment,” Brun said.

To allow proper social distancing, the program is limited to 12 participants. Every week, activities will change. Many of the activities will be conducted outside. Indoor rooms are available for activities strictly designated to indoors or if there is inclement weather.

Campo Family YMCA abides by the local and state guidelines through requiring masks to be worn in all common areas of its facility and doing frequent cleaning and sanitizing. Hand sanitizer can also be found throughout the facility.

Kids Unplugged is for members only. It meets on Wednesday and Thursday from 2:45-3:45 p.m. Those interested can register their kids for once or twice a week. It costs $40 a month for one day a week and $60 a month for twice a week.

Kaliegh Hincman, senior program director at Campo Family YMCA, stated how the participants will benefit with Kids Unplugged.

“One of the missions of the YMCA is to support and serve the community,” Hincman said. “To add, they will be able to unplug from e-learning , play sports, get involved in different activities and socialize in person, all while practicing social distancing.”

For more information, visit Register online at or at the Welcome Center. Campo Family YMCA is located at 3414 Culbreath Rd. in Valrico. Call 684-1371.

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