Rhett McClelland (left) is a man of faith and counts every one of his blessings.

Rhett McClelland is a man of faith and counts every one of his blessings. McClelland is the owner of the Plant City-based pressure washing company, Rooted Property Maintenance.

His company has only been in existence for little more than two years. He has no website. He just started a Facebook page for his business a few weeks ago, yet his business is booming, so much that he does one free pressure washing to a local church, business, nonprofit or homeowner each month.

“All of my business has been done by word of mouth,” McClelland said. “My sister is the one who started the Facebook page because technology and I don’t always mix.”

He feels truly blessed to have such a successful business, even with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. His success is one of the reasons he wants to give back to the community.

“I believe if you have been blessed with things, you should be giving back to others,” McClelland said. “I try to do at least one charitable pressure washing a month.”

Last month, he gave away a free pressure washing to a local church’s basketball court.

“I try to lift up everyone around me,” McClelland said. “Those that I can do good for, I do good for them.”

McClelland will be pressure washing Center Place Fine Arts and Civic Center in Brandon in January.

McClelland has seen his fair share of struggles in life. There was a time not too long ago that he and his family were struggling and he had to accept kindness from a stranger.

“We had come upon some hard times and I was out of work. I needed to provide for my family,” McClelland said. “A woman who worked at the bank I banked at told me about her husband needing some help with his pressure washing business. Her husband really didn’t like hiring people because they always let him down.”

This wasn’t the case with McClelland.

“I went to work with him on my first day and he told me he would pay me $12 an hour and we’ll see where it goes from there,” McClelland said. “When we got done at the end of the day, he paid what was worth $20 an hour. He told me, ‘you are worth so much more than $12 an hour.’”

This act of kindness eventually led to McClelland saving enough money to open Rooted Property Maintenance.

McClelland’s work ethic and outstanding customer service has helped him make a name for himself in the Plant City community. He hopes his business continues to grow so he can continue to give back to the community.

To learn more about Rooted Property Maintenance, visit www.facebook.com/Rooted-Property-Maintenance or call McClelland at 376-5182.

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