By Jason Blanchard

Summerfield Crossings Golf Club, a center of community activity in Riverview, has finished the process of major renovations of its 18-hole course and the clubhouse.

“As always, our largest investment is in the improvement of the course,” said Jason Blanchard, co-owner and general manager.

This past May, the groundskeeping staff at Summerfield Crossings Golf Club began preparing the greens and some tees for renovation by killing the existing grass. Drainage improvements were made by recontouring some of the greens. After almost 12 weeks, the greens were reopened on August 20.

“During the time the grass is taking root, it was essential that precise amounts of water be applied to the greens regularly throughout the day,” said Blanchard.

“We are happy with how the greens turned out and know that as time goes on, they will continue to get better and better,” he added.

Other renovations to the course include repairing bridges over creeks and ponds as well as renovating some bunkers, the practice green and the chipping practice area.

The clubhouse has had other renovations done as well. The interior colors and furnishings have been updated to better adapt to customers’ wishes to decorate the interior space in various themes for private parties. Also, the clubhouse can accommodate up to 90 people for weddings, retirement and birthday celebrations and community events, and 144 people for tournaments utilizing its new patio that was added last year.

The golf course and clubhouse remained open throughout the renovations. Temporary greens were made in front of the permanent greens. The temporary greens made the course about 50 yards shorter on each hole, providing a different playing experience for those who regularly play at Summerfield Crossings Golf Club.

“For regular players and members, this was a great opportunity to practice some different types of approach shots,” said James Gottschalk, head golf professional and instructor at the golf club.

“Because of the change in distance from tee to green, many players found themselves able to practice with clubs that they don’t often use,” he added.

With the new greens and clubhouse renovations complete, Summerfield Crossings Golf Club will continue to “Renovate for the Future,” the new motto it has adopted as it realizes the golf industry, and the golf club will always be a thriving part of the Riverview business community for years to come.

Summerfield Crossings Golf Club is a semiprivate golf club that is open to the public but also offers a variety of memberships. The course is Ron Garl-designed with undulating greens and challenging waste bunkers.

Doc’s Grille in the clubhouse is open for drinks and grab-and-go food from Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Happy hour, with drink and food specials, is from 5-8 p.m. on Fridays. An all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast is available on Sundays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Summerfield Crossings is owned and operated by Brighton Golf Partners, LLC, a privately owned family company.

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