John W. Exner started Total Financial Picture™ Wealth Strategies after leaving the Air Force in 2004.

Former Air Force member John W. Exner started Total Financial Picture™ Wealth Strategies in 2004 following his transition from the Air Force to a financial professional. His company is modeled off client feedback and encourages those he serves to consider their personal financial picture.

“[Total Financial Picture™] provides holistic and comprehensive financial planning services to guide improvement of our client’s current financial reality,” said Exner.

Based on this feedback, Total Financial Picture™ composed a series of educational pieces called the Consistent Client Experience to help clients identify and develop a financial plan for them and their families. By focusing on client feedback and needs, Total Financial Picture™ provides unique, individualized and focused advice to its clients, a quality that sets it apart in the industry. 

“We’ve found that most who seek financial improvement do not have their total finance picture in order, mostly because they do not have a written strategy that coordinates all seven elements of financial planning,” explained Exner.

Since incorporating this educational material into its advising and emphasizing clear steps in the plan, it has received a positive response, indicating that clients appear to be benefiting greatly from the information provided. Exner and some of his employees are fiduciaries, meaning they are obligated to advise their clients to benefit them rather than advertise a certain product or service, ensuring clients receive the best advice for how to manage their finances.

“Of course, we all want to be as optimized as possible, but that doesn’t happen by accident,” said Exner. “It takes a coordinated effort to benchmark your current financial reality to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.”

Total Financial Picture™ also offers second opinion financial reviews to further improve its clients’ financial picture and develop the best plan for the individual or family.

“Total Financial Picture™ Wealth Strategies is a veteran-owned financial planning team with over 100 combined years’ experience in the financial services industry,” said Exner.

Total Financial Picture™ is comprised of five employees and serves 112 individuals and their families. It charges a flat fee for financial planning services.

For more information on Total Financial Picture™, visit or contact Exner at 703-343-6878 or

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