Gypsy Star, a collective of multi-instrumentalists, vocalists and dancers, will bring their international sound to the Firehouse Cultural Center in Ruskin on Saturday, September 24.

Gypsy Star, a multigenre band, will celebrate the release of their song, “Dancing To The Beat Of Your Heart,” in a concert at the Firehouse Cultural Center in Ruskin on Saturday, September 24 at 7:30 p.m.

Gypsy Star is a musical collective of multi-instrumentalists performing original songs with layers of rhythmic texture, vocals, lush harmonies and a mesmerizing, fiery dancer. This unique and talented lineup is led by the creative spirit of composer, guitarist and singer Billy Keen.

Songs at their live shows feature the soul-stirring vocal prowess of lead singer and lyricist Belinda Brodsky, who also plays an array of hand percussion. Accordionist and keyboard player Joli Rome and dancer Kimara Lee, who performs folkloric and gypsy-style dance, create another dimension to the live shows. They also add vocal harmonies and percussion to their sound. Bassist Steven Boisen will be joining the ensemble for the performance at the Firehouse Cultural Center.

Gypsy Star’s show will take you on an enchanting musical journey around the world. Their music weaves a melodic tapestry of rock, pop, folk, jazz and classical music with the spice of music from all over the world. As they bring their international spectrum of influences, Gypsy Star’s world-beat sound will transport you to faraway lands and awaken your soul. They will open your heart to exciting, mysterious and wonderful places. Gypsy Star’s live performance is truly a cultural feast for the eyes and ears.

According to the Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network, “All the world’s music in one band. Gypsy Star’s members tour the music of multiple continents. Theirs is a highly woven Persian rug of a performance.”

Prior to “Dancing To The Beat Of Your Heart,” Gypsy Star had released two other singles, along with three full-length albums. They have appeared on radio and television and toured throughout Florida and the East Coast of the United States, headlining festivals, theaters and concert halls.

The Firehouse Cultural Center is located at 101 1st Ave. NE in Ruskin. Tickets for Gypsy Star’s show are on sale now. Tickets are $23 for members and $28 for future members. Tickets can be purchased at or by calling 813-645-7651.

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