Danny Alvarez is a Florida native, veteran and attorney who is running to become the representative for District 69. Alvarez, a Republican, has been involved in the community for over 20 years. He is a member of both the Riverview and Plant City chambers of commerce.

On why he is running for a seat in the Florida State House, Alvarez explained, “I have been involved in the community for many years. With the current political and cultural environment, I could not stand by and watch parents and police be attacked. I could no longer stand by and watch. I want to stand up for parents, protect children and stand up for law enforcement. I want to keep Florida free.”

Alvarez added, “I am extremely honored that the Florida House leadership has endorsed me. This will allow me to represent the district because I will be able to work with the leadership.” Alvarez further explained, “This will allow me to get maximum results for my constituents by working within the relationships established in Tallahassee.”

Alvarez is an attorney who practices in all facets of family law and is a business consultant with significant experience in corporate communications, marketing and messaging management. Within family law, Alvarez helps families through some of the most difficult times. His practice’s focus is to help children and families navigate through the process and emerge healthy and ready to prosper.

Alvarez is a veteran who was commissioned as an infantry officer in the United States Army in 1997. He is a graduate of the Infantry Officers Basic Course, Bradley Fighting Vehicle Leaders Course, Basic Airborne Course and Jump Master Course.

Between his professional and educational experience and his real-world, on-the-ground community service, Alvarez will be able to represent the people of District 69.

He said, “You have to represent all of the people in the district. I will accomplish all I can while preserving the Constitution and freedom.”

For more information, please visit electdannyalvarez.com.

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