Riverview Woman’s Club President Jill Jofko (left) with Donna Fore, who co-founded the club in 2012 with Jeanne Burkeson. (Photo courtesy of Linda Chion.)

Candidates for the annual race for honorary mayor of Riverview will be under the auspices of the Riverview Woman’s Club, whose members have agreed to organize the event after the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce stepped aside.

The deadline to apply to run is Sunday, January 15, with fundraising set to begin Wednesday, February 1. The race concludes at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, March 1. Results will be announced on Thursday, March 2. As is the tradition, the race is won by the candidate who raises the most money for charity through fundraising events that promote community spirit and nonprofit mission awareness.

“We’re really excited about keeping that tradition going and to benefit local charities,” said Jill Jofko, president of the Riverview Woman’s Club, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and now accepts men into the club as well.

Club co-founder Donna Fore said that to avoid any perceived conflicts of interest, no one in the woman’s club is going to be running for honorary mayor and the club itself will not be a benefiting charity. A small percentage of proceeds will help offset administrative expenses, Jofko said.

Wanting to get more involved in community life, Jofko said she joined the club in 2018. “I wanted to get involved in club leadership because I wanted to see the club grow,” Jofko said, noting an uptick in membership as the pandemic eases.

To be eligible to run for the honorary mayor’s race, a candidate must live, work or volunteer in the Greater Riverview area and be at least 21 years of age. Designated charities must be federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofits and have one of three designated ties to Riverview: They must have an office in Riverview, documented service to the Riverview community or membership drawn primarily from Riverview residents. Each candidate can designate no more than three benefiting charities.

For more on the club and its high school senior scholarship program and mayor’s race, visit www.riverviewwomansclub.org. The club meets on the third Wednesday of the month and was set to convene at the Riverview Tap House at 10656 New East Bay Rd. in Gibsonton.

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