Dr. J. Shannon Eads and his son, Tyler Eads, have teamed up to help people maximize the ‘what if’ opportunities that come their way.

A local pastor and speaker has written another book, this time alongside his oldest son, to teach about living to your potential.

Dr. J. Shannon Eads and his son, Tyler Eads, urge readers to consider the ‘what if’ in seven different ways throughout their new book, The Breakthrough Power of What If: Choose to Live Your Potential. The book is available now and can be purchased on Amazon.

The Breakthrough Power of What If is about understanding that God has uniquely placed opportunities in your life for you to walk through. Tyler said that as a believer, it is your responsibility to acknowledge the opportunities presented to you and be faithful in serving them.

After Tyler talked with his dad, they agreed that many people they have met are living with regrets. This inspired them to help people learn how to keep from passing up on their ‘what if’ moments. The father-and-son duo want to ensure that readers are maximizing on these moments.

“To be able to write this book with my dad is an incredible blessing because it shows different perspectives on life,” said Tyler, author and speaker. “These different perspectives can be both similar and different, but they are both valid in the way that they view all events of life.”

Tyler is a graduate from Durant High School and now attends Florida State University, where he majors in sports management. Tyler has always strived to make a difference in others’ lives and is excited to be able to reach people in a new way.

“I wanted to write, because I want to inspire people of all ages to never view the youth as unable to make a difference for God,” said Tyler.

Dr. Shannon has been a pillar in the community for many years, serving as the lead pastor at Browning Road Baptist Church for over six years. Two years ago, after being unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Shannon asked God to help him find what was next for him. After praying more, he knew God wanted him to write, not only for a larger audience, but for his family as well. The Breakthrough Power of What If: Choose to Live Your Potential will be his second book available on Amazon.

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