The guest who ate the 500,000th egg was surprised to be served this milestone egg and was excited to receive it.

Can you imagine cracking half a million eggs? Eggs Up Grill in Riverview can, as it has now cracked and served over 500,000 of them.

This hot breakfast spot has been counting the number of eggs it has cracked since the moment it opened its doors. Throughout the last two years, owners John and Priscilla Conyer have enjoyed celebrating the community they have created not only through counting eggs but through serving delicious, fresh and locally sourced meals.

“Eggs Up Grill is all about neighbors serving our neighbors, and guests get a kick out of coming in from their previous visit to see how we’ve grown in egg count,” said Priscilla.

The community loves to be connected to the restaurant through the counting of the eggs. The guests at Eggs Up Grill enjoy taking a picture of the egg-counter display and comparing it every time they dine in. When Priscilla and John see guests attending each egg-count milestone, they feel pride in being able to connect with their community.

“I love dining in at Eggs Up Grill, and every time I come it always makes me feel happy being here,” said the guest who ate the 500,000th egg. “I feel like I’m forever part of history right here in our community.”

With the care that each team member puts into your breakfast, dining in at Eggs Up Grill truly makes you feel like part of the community. Along with a large and delicious menu, Eggs Up Grill also offers catering for any size event and a private dining experience in the store for groups of up to 15.

The Conyers hope to be a staple restaurant in the community and look forward to the next egg-count celebration when Eggs Up Grill cracks its 750,000th egg.

Eggs Up Grill is located at 3920 U.S. Hwy. 301. Its hours are 6 a.m.-2:30 p.m., seven days a week. Stay up to date on special promotions and details on Instagram and Facebook @eugriverview and check out the full menu online at

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