BOOP’S by The Bubble Room is home to delicious cakes and an iconic Captiva photo spot.

By Ella Shockley

On September 28, 2022, one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the United States made landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast, causing 2.6 million Florida residents to lose power. This devastating event named Hurricane Ian caused $12.6 billion in insured losses, holding the second-place title for the largest insurance loss after Hurricane Katrina. Two fan-favorite islands, Sanibel and Captiva, were in direct path of Ian. Almost a year later, Sanibel and Captiva islands are making their long-awaited return to their Florida families. Here’s how to navigate the new Sanibel and Captiva.

The Sanibel & Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce stated, “By consensus, the Sanibel City Council supported the decision to end the requirement for reentry passes on January 2, 2023. The City of Sanibel asks that nonresidents respect and understand the fact that Sanibel is still actively working to recover from Hurricane Ian,” in response to the bridge’s reopening cautions.

The SanCap Chamber website is home to all things Sanibel and Captiva. This is the number one most reliable place to find what is currently open on these islands. From places to stay to where to shop, and even what beaches are open to the public, SanCap Chamber has it all. An interactive map with pinpoints on popular locations is the website’s most popular tool, showing the hours of operation of all the spots around the islands.

BOOP’S by The Bubble Room is a new addition to Captiva. Open every day from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. serving the famous Bubble Room cakes, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, ice cream, coffee and pastries. Meanwhile, The Bubble Room Restaurant is still under repair (planning to open at a later date).

Another fan favorite, for its lively atmosphere and location, is The Mucky Duck. With picnic tables right on the beach, this is the perfect location for watching the sunset while grabbing a bite to eat. Its hours of operation and current menu can be found

Florida residents from all over have made reopening possible due to the continuous efforts through the community. If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering for Captiva or Sanibel, reach out to FISH of Sanibel-Captiva at, or Keep Lee County Beautiful at 239-334-3488. Find more information about all things Sanibel and Captiva at

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