July is starting out with a bang. The water is getting very hot, but the bite in nearshore, offshore and inshore is on fire. There are so many species in so many locations to target. Inshore bites are finding good numbers of mangrove snapper, Spanish mackerel and trout in the bay.

Trout are in the deeper flats, around 6-8 feet. Target the grass edges adjacent to the sand patches. Larger trout like to ambush their prey as the bait flees over the sandy patch; easier pickings for them, as they don’t have to chase them back into the grass. Artificial baits work very well in these grassy areas and are beneficial to the survival rate of release.

Snapper will hold in the flats, as well as in deeper rock piles. Use lots of chum or cut up threadfins and light leader with #1 hook to gather these sweet-tasting fish. Remember, it’s five per person and 10” minimum. Try to keep them a little larger though. Let these guys mature a little since 10” fish don’t really yield enough fillet to make a taco at that size.

Spanish mackerel will readily come to a chum block hanging off the side of an anchored boat. Use 30-40# fluorocarbon leader with a long shank 1/0 hook along with live greenies or threads for the best results.

Scallop season is in full effect in Homosassa. It’s like an adult Easter egg hunt. Snorkel down to about 4-7 feet of water and you will see them. Once you get your target image, you will find many more. There are several guides in that region, but if you want to come with me, contact me at Fish This Inshore Charters at 813-459-2521 or email fishthischarters@gmail.com. Many great memories are made with adult groups and family groups.

The offshore bites are going great and will improve through the summer. Great weather, big fish and lots of fun. Contact Billy Nobles for your offshore adventure at 813-299-5563.

Get out this summer and enjoy what makes the area of Florida the ideal vacation destination.

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