Extras were excited to be a part of a feature-length movie shoot at Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale. 

A new holiday full-length feature film is in development and was filmed locally this summer in Valrico and Plant City.

Dimming Lights is a movie about three sisters who head to their childhood home for Christmas after they learn their estranged mother is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s.

The movie stars award-winning actress Heather Fraley and is directed and produced by Domain Pictures, an independent film company founded in 2007 by international award-winning director Preston Walden and Fraley.

A feature-length film, ‘Dimming Light,’ was shot at Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale in July.

Scenes were shot in Valrico at Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale, a local church led by Senior Pastor Susan Hill, who is known in the community for allowing service organizations and groups to meet at the church. Home of Boy Scout Troop 61 and Seeds of Hope’s weekly food distribution, the church also holds Bible study, support groups and classes, and it is also a voting precinct.

Hill, a former army chaplain, credits her church leadership for allowing community activities like feature films being shot at her church.

“It was an exciting moment for members of the church and community to come together,” said Hill. “It was pure joy hosting this movie scene. I believe God used us to help lift up Alzheimer’s awareness, and that is truly the best thing about the church hosting this.”

From left to right: Senior Pastor Susan Hill, Brian Bokor, Bill Andrew, Marie Gilmore and Wendi Westrate at Presbyterian Church of Bloomingdale.

Walden was thrilled with the location and said, “Bloomingdale Presbyterian was the perfect set for a very important and a very emotional scene for the film.”

Other filming locations included a restaurant, a Christmas store, downtown Plant City and a bar.

“We are set to have our premiere in November,” added Walden, “which is the beginning of the holiday season, and it is also National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.”

There will be a memorial dedication at the end of the film for those involved with family members affected by Alzheimer’s.

For more information about Dimming Lights and its release dates, visit www.facebook.com/domainpicturesest2007/ or email domainpictures37@gmail.com.

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