Madison DiSalvo is a fourth grader who lives in Valrico. She is the proud owner of Madi’s Barkery, her very own dog-treat business.

Madison DiSalvo is a fourth grader who lives in Valrico.

“I really love playing the violin and taking care of animals,” DiSalvo said. “One of my favorite things to do is read the Warrior Cats series. I also like learning about different dog breeds.”

Madison’s mom is Laura DiSalvo, owner of Laura’s Elderberry, and she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps by owning her business.

“I want to have a business like my mom’s, but with my own special twist,” DiSalvo said. “I really, really love dogs. My cute puppy, Pepper, loves treats just like any other dog. So, I thought it would be cool to work with my mom and make dog treats to sell along with her stuff.” From there, Madi’s Barkery was born.

DiSalvo’s first dog treat she made is called ‘The Elvis.’

“They’re made with natural peanut butter, oats and organic bananas,” DiSalvo said. “They come in a bag with about nine to 10 treats shaped like bones and paw prints. Some bags have four bones and five paws, but it can be a little different sometimes. In the future, I want to make pumpkin treats too. A bag of these yummy treats costs $10.”

DiSalvo loves running her own business and working with her mom.

“Running my own business makes me really happy because I can make treats that make dogs and people smile,” DiSalvo said. “It feels amazing to know that I’m not just helping one dog but lots of them and their owners too. Making dogs and people happy is the best feeling ever.”

If you ask DiSalvo what makes her dog treats special is the dedication she puts into making them.

“Not many treats are made with so much love and dedication by kids like me,” DiSalvo said. “Also, my treats are inspired by the fun and love that my own puppy brings. So, they have a personal touch that dog owners and their furry friends can relate to. Plus, I make them at home, so they’re homemade and made with really good stuff. I also donate 10 percent of my sales to help animals in need. So, when people buy my treats, they’re not just getting tasty treats for their dogs, they’re also making a difference in the world.”

If you would like to learn more about DiSalvo’s dog treats or purchase a bag, you can contact Madison’s mom, Laura, at 954-461-6823.

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