Don and Chris Guiley have over 50 combined years of experience in the industry and are passionate about helping individuals with hearing impairments.

Over 26 million individuals suffer from hearing impairment, and they deserve an organization that cares. A+ Hearing Center has been just that for the community.

A+ Hearing is now located at 835 Cypress Village Blvd. in Sun City Center. The new shop is double the size, on the first floor and is still golf cart accessible.

Rather than just increasing hearing, Don and Chris Guiley, the owners of A+ Hearing, are passionate about helping others increase their understanding.

“You don’t know what you don’t hear,” said Don. “If you are suffering from hearing loss, you won’t know what you are missing.”

Don explained that while less expensive, many over-the-counter hearing aids will only allow the user to adjust the volume and noise level rather than adjust frequencies based on an individual’s needs. While increasing the volume of your surroundings might sound like a solution, it can actually harm you.

“I had somebody recently whose hearing aids were not helping at all. She put the new hearing aids in and was amazed,” said Chris. “We had her daughter turn her back to talk and the customer could now hear every word.”

The nerves in your ears that hear high frequencies are some of the first nerves that noise hits. Because 70 percent of an individual’s hearing comes from high frequencies, these nerves are being broken down throughout your lifetime, and increasing the volume can make this worse.

When you visit A+ Hearing, Don and Chris will be able to customize the settings of your hearing aid to fit exactly what you are missing. By doing this, they are able to allow customers to gain understanding without further damaging their nerves.

“We can retrain the brain, but we cannot regrow those nerves,” said Don.

To stay on top of the constant technological advancements in the industry, Don and Chris visit conferences and seminars often.

A+ Hearing offers some of the most advanced hearing aids, including ones with geolocators, automatic emergency call services and remote programming. Don explained that some hearing aids can be controlled from his office even if you are across the world.

When the Guileys moved to Florida, Don operated a theater and Chris began to work at the hearing aid shop next door. The owner asked Chris to get her license so she could help sell hearing aids. Later, Chris and Don decided to open their own shop so they could truly become a part of the community and help those who are suffering from hearing loss.

To learn more about A+ Hearing Center or schedule a free consultation, please call the office at 813-642-8200 or visit

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