Combining the expertise of the Kay Meyer Breast Care Center, the AdventHealth Tampa Women’s Pavilion and the AdventHealth Tampa Don Lau Family Center for Cancer Care, AdventHealth’s multidisciplinary approach to breast health provides the most comprehensive breast care possible to help patients heal in body, mind and spirit. 

This begins with the imaging and diagnostic services offered at the Kay Meyer Breast Care Center, which has earned recognition from the American College of Radiology as an accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. 

Screening mammograms are a vital step in the early detection of breast cancer and can save lives.

“Lumps and tumors can be identified in their earliest stages of development; in some cases, up to two years before you or your doctor can feel them,” said Rachel Burke, M.D., a dedicated, fellowship-trained diagnostic radiologist at the Kay Meyer Breast Care Center.

AdventHealth’s streamlined patient experience begins with our imaging and diagnostic services.

“From there, radiology, oncology and surgery work in lockstep to ensure patients get care they can be confident in at every step,” said John Cox, M.D., one of the fellowship-trained breast surgeons at AdventHealth Tampa.

From prevention and early detection to treatment, recovery, survivorship programs and more, patients benefit from the same technology available at research hospitals, delivered with personalized care and attention.

Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths for American women, but early detection can quickly get you the lifesaving treatment you need. AdventHealth’s unique approach helps patients move into treatment quickly and confidently.

You can take the first step toward taking charge of your breast health by scheduling your yearly screening mammogram at the Kay Meyer Breast Care Center. It’s one simple thing you can do to take charge of your breast health. To make an appointment today, call 813-615-7120 or visit

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