The Pocketalk technology is able to translate speech and text into 82 languages. It also has a camera that allows it to scan documents and translate them.

Six months after rolling out language translation devices in all its offices, capable of translating speech and text into 82 languages, Hillsborough County Tax Collector Nancy C. Millan received a national award recognizing her pioneering efforts in enhancing service accessibility for non-English speakers.

In a county of 1.5 million residents, which includes a substantial immigrant population, effective communication poses significant hurdles for non-English speakers accessing driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations and other vital government services.

The Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s Office rolled out the Pocketalk handheld translation devices in all offices earlier this year, providing real-time, two-way speech and text translation. The technology empowers staff to bridge language gaps, making services more accessible and smoother for non-English speakers and reducing repeat office visits.

As the first tax collector in the state to adopt Pocketalk’s technology, Hillsborough County’s successful rollout has inspired 13 others across the state to implement it.

Recognizing her commitment to inclusion, Pocketalk awarded Millan with the esteemed Community Builder of the Year Award.

“Nancy Millan is truly deserving of our inaugural Community Builder of the Year Award. As the first tax collector in Florida to implement Pocketalk devices, Nancy has transformed customer interactions, ensuring timely and compassionate service for all community members,” said Joe Miller, Pocketalk’s general manager of North America. “Through her leadership, Nancy and her team exemplify how technology can profoundly foster inclusivity and connectivity.”

Since taking the helm in 2021, Millan has implemented a range of measures to cultivate an inclusive environment that embraces diversity at every level. The office employs more than 400 staff across its eight locations, 70 percent of whom represent minority populations. In January, the office will introduce a Skill-based Incentives Pay Program supporting its diverse team with monthly stipends for language proficiency and certifications.

“Implementing Pocketalk technology directly addresses a vital community need,” said Millan. “The technology is not a substitute for human connection, but a tool to enhance it. The handheld devices foster greater connectivity between our staff and Hillsborough County residents, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder access to essential government services.”

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