Pictured from left to right: Steven Keys, Lauren Keys and Marty Parks, who officially launched CramBetter in fall 2023.

Between obligations to numerous clubs and organizations and living away from home, college is often made even more difficult given the academic rigor expected from students. Fortunately, local Newsome High School graduates Steven and Lauren Keys and their partner, Marty Parks, have developed a solution for deriving success in even the most challenging courses: CramBetter.

CramBetter is a tutoring service that believes the key to unlocking a student’s understanding is breaking down and concisely explaining even the most complicated concepts via brief but detailed instructional videos and example test questions. Courses feature videos that review these example questions to mitigate any confusion, and each course and its attached resources are available to students for only $40 a month.

“CramBetter students say they love the service because it saves them time,” said Steven. “CramBetter’s explanations are both shorter and easier to understand than what’s taught in a typical university lecture.”

Officially launched in Fall 2023, the platform currently offers content and study materials for the following courses: Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus I and II, Chemistry I and Physics I and II. In addition to co-founding the platform, both Steven and Parks are chiefly responsible for developing the course criteria and creating the associated videos, while Lauren oversees CramBetter’s marketing and coinciding business agenda.

Steven obtained his Bachelor of Science in physics from the University of Florida and his Master of Arts in education from the University of Central Florida, and Parks graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in statistics, Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and Master of Science in electrical engineering. Beyond these degree-based qualifications, Steven and Parks believe CramBetter more aptly navigates the instruction of college course curriculums because of their own previous experiences as scientific researchers, university teacher assistants, AP instructors for College Board, and private tutors for over ten years.

CramBetter and its resources are not only available at Florida universities, including the University of South Florida, University of Central Florida and Florida State University, but also at other major universities, such as the University of Georgia and Clemson University.

Having already garnered significant achievements, such as financing the platform without any debt and turning a profit by December of last year, Steven hopes that CramBetter will grow to become college students’ first choice in the tutoring industry.

“We want to be the go-to resource for premed, prehealth and engineering students across the United States,” said Steven. “It’s been an amazing experience to hear from students who didn’t understand physics, chemistry or calculus until they used CramBetter, and we can’t wait to help more people learn more efficiently.”

For more information, visit https://crambetter.com/ or check out CramBetter’s introductory YouTube video.

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