Craig Latimer is the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Election. His office has won multiple awards, including ones for training poll workers. If you are 18 years old, a resident and a registered voter in Hillsborough County, you can apply to be a poll worker for the upcoming elections.

Free and fair elections are the hallmark of a democratic society, and poll workers are the backbones of free and fair elections. Without their tireless efforts, elections would not run as smoothly and corruption-free as they should.

If you are a resident of Hillsborough County, at least 18 years old and a registered voter, you can apply to work as a poll worker in Hillsborough County in the upcoming election. You must be able to lift 15-30 pounds and work for at least a 14-hour day.

Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Craig Latimer said, “I want the local community to know that poll workers are crucial to our elections and our democracy. We could not conduct elections for our large county without our poll workers. If you are friendly, disciplined and want to participate in our democracy in a meaningful way, please consider becoming a poll worker.”

Latimer added, “The application is available on our website, and I encourage individuals to apply now. We are already reviewing applications and assigning positions for the upcoming primary and general election. If you apply after our office is fully staffed for this election cycle, you can still be considered for future election cycles.”

Poll workers undergo training, about which Latimer said, “We have earned awards for our poll worker training, and our returning poll workers have remarked on how it has improved over the years. It is very informative and prepares our poll workers well for the work they will be doing.”

Poll workers complete several hours of online training at their own pace and then schedule time to participate in in-person labs where they can practice with the equipment that we use in the polling place. Training is available beginning one to two months before the assignment. Once a poll worker is assigned to work, they will receive more information about training from the poll worker services department.

Poll workers are paid. The amount you are paid depends on your position and when you are working. For example, election day poll workers in Hillsborough County earn between $330 and $391.

Tasks assigned to poll workers vary, but examples include setting up the polling place, checking voters in, handing out “I Voted” stickers, monitoring the polling location and providing voters with excellent customer service.

For more information on becoming a poll worker and for an application,

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